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Applying for a Permit to Carry a Handgun


Start Here:

Step 1.    Go to the NJ State Police website (  

Step 2.    Click on Firearms Information

Step 3.    Click on Apply for a Permit to Carry a handgun

Service Information

The Concealed Carry Permits service allows for online submission of both initial and renewal applications. Approved applications are due for renewal every two (2) years. Renewal applications can be submitted up to four (4) months before the expiration date. Concealed Carry Permit applicants need to have been fingerprinted for firearms purposes in New Jersey and assigned an SBI number before they can apply for a Concealed Carry Permit. If you have never been fingerprinted for firearms purposes in New Jersey before, start with an application for an Initial Firearms I.D. 

You can find the Permit to Carry Safe Handling and Proficiency Certification and Use of Force Training document on the NJSP website.

If you have lived outside of the state of New Jersey in the last ten (10) years, please fill out form SP-066 (Consent for Mental Health Records) and upload it to your application.


1.      Keansburg Borough Police ORI Number Ė NJ0132100 (If incorrect number is entered application will not be sent to our department- Any fees submitted with an application with an incorrect ORI number will not be refunded).

2.      Passport Style Photograph (2 inches by 2 inches) - light colored background- no hats Ė no sunglasses- - NOTE Ė Do not use photo from NJ Driverís License or a copy of your NJ DL. as picture will not be accepted- Do not use a copy of passport. (APPLICANT WILL BE REQUIRED TO UPLOAD THIS PHOTO TO APPLICATION)

3.      Completed NJ State Police Form (S.P 182) - Permit to Carry Safe Handling and Proficiency Certification.  A link to this form is available in a fillable form on the opening page of the. This form must be completed and signed by both the Firearms Instructor and the applicant. (APPLICANT WILL BE REQUIRED TO UPLOAD THIS FORM TO APPLICATION).

4.      Completed SP66 Form (Consent for Mental Health Records Search) if applicant has lived out of state during the past 10 years This form must be completed and uploaded during the application.  A link to this form in fillable format is available on the opening page of the application. Applicants that have not lived out of state during the past 10 years are not required to complete this form as the records check will be completed as part of the online process. (APPLICANT WILL BE REQUIRED TO UPLOAD THIS FORM TO APPLICATION).

5.      NJ Firearms Purchaser Identification Card (SBI Number from Firearms ID Card will be required to be entered in application).

6.      NJ Driverís License (Personal information entered in application must match NJ Driverís License exactly).

7.      Serial Number, Caliber, Make, and Model Number of all handguns which you intend to carry. Applicants will be required to enter the information for each handgun in the application process.

8.      Names, Addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of 4 (FOUR) references that have known applicant for at least 3 years prior to submitting of application- References cannot be related to applicant by blood or law. These references will be contacted by Investigators.

9.      Credit or Debit Card- At the end of the application applicants will be required to pay the following fees to the State of New Jersey.

a.       Concealed Carry Permit Application State Fee of $50.00 (Plus online service fee of $5.00) Total Fee = $55.00

b.      212A Background Check Fee of $18.00 (Plus online service fee of $3.00) Total = $21.00

c.       THE TOTAL OF ABOVE (a & b) is $76.00 will be charged to credit/debit card entered by applicant.

IMPORTANT:  The application fee of $150.00 required by NJ State Law payable to the Keansburg Borough Police Department is not paid as part of the online process. Checks/Money orders payable to Keansburg Borough Police Department can be mailed to -- Keansburg Borough Police Department  331 Carr Avenue Keansburg, NJ 07734 -- Your application will not be processed until the $150.00 application fee is received by Keansburg Borough Police Department.

Civilian Carry Assessment and Range Evaluation (CCARE) Protocol

This new protocol went into effect on September 15, 2023. We encourage all civilians whose desire it is to apply for a Concealed Carry Weapon Permit to review this memorandum from the Attorney General's Office. Also provided is a copy of the Civilian Carry Assessment and Range Evaluation.

NJAG Memorandum (CCARE) 09-15-2023

NJ CCARE Protocol

Purchaser's Permit and Firearms Identification Cards

Application Process

Update from the New Jersey State Police Firearms Application & Registration System (FARS)

For applications submitted prior to October 01, 2020, the paper permits must be obtained at Police Headquarters prior to going for purchase of handgun. Information about this is included in the email sent on application approval. DO NOT APPEAR AT POLICE HEADQUARTERS UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN CONTACTED TO RETRIEVE YOUR PERMIT.

For applications submitted online from October 01, 2020 onwards, the paper permits will no longer be available. They are being replaced by electronic permits. An e-Permit becomes active from the date of approval of S.T.S.033 application. An e-Permit is initially active for 90 days , and can be renewed once for another 90-days period. For an application with e-Permit, applicant can directly go to the licensed firearms dealership along with the information in the approval email to purchase a handgun. No paper permit will be issued by the Police Department for these applications.

For Keansburg Borough Residents

The Firearms Application and Registration System (FARS) is the new online application process for obtaining Firearms ID cards and handgun permits.

FARS is taking the place of the STS 033 form. Applicants can apply online for all the same options as the paper application form with the exception of Permits to Carry.

All Keansburg Borough residents should apply online via the New Jersey State Police FARS website.

FARS Procedure

o    Step 1

o    Go to the FARS website

o    Step 2

o    Complete the online application on FARS. Applicants must use the Keansburg Police Department ORI number (NJ0132100). Applicant must utilize the correct ORI number.

o    If the applicant makes a mistake while applying, they can re-apply. All application fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

o    FARS requires the applicant to provide email address and phone numbers of two reputable references (friends, co-workers, family members, etc.). References will receive a questionnaire via email. References must complete the questionnaire immediately in order to process your background investigation.

o    Applicants will receive automated email updates throughout the application process.

o    Mental Health Search Forms

o    If in the past 10 years (from application date) the applicant lived in other states, the applicant must submit a Mental Health Search Form at the Keansburg Police Department. Applicants will sign the form in the presence of a department representative, giving us permission to request mental health records outside of New Jersey.

o    Step 3

o    Applicants must pay for the Initial Firearms Identification Card (FID) and/or Pistol Purchase permits. Applications will not be processed until fee(s) are paid in full.

o    The FID card fee is $50.00. Each handgun permit fee is $25.00. The fee(s) are non-refundable and are required per NJAC 13:54-1.4. Check or money order is accepted. Make checks payable to Keansburg Borough Police Department.

o    Payments must be made in person during normal business hours. Applicants must bring all of the following; payment, valid driverís license and/or photo ID, a printed copy of the FARS application that includes confirmation number.

o    Step 4

o    Once the application is completed, approved and paid for, the applicant will receive an email from the FARS system with the approved documents. 



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