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Internal Affairs


Complaints will be accepted in person, by telephone, or by letter or email, It is preferred that the complaint be made by the individual who is directly involved in the allegation against the Keansburg Police Department employee, so we can ascertain as much information as possible to effectively investigate the complaint.

  • Usually a Supervisor or member of the Internal Affairs Unit will take the complaint, if they are available, but any Police Officer can accept a complaint.

  • The complaint will be forwarded to the Internal Affairs for investigation.

The complaint will be investigated by the Internal Affairs Unit or it will be forwarded to the appropriate Supervisor for investigation.

All complaints of officer misconduct shall be accepted from any persons who wish to file a complaint regardless of the hour or day of the week. This includes reports from anonymous sources, juveniles, and persons under arrest or in custody. In the event you wish to file a complaint with the Internal Affairs Unit we encourage you to do so as soon possible.

To access the Citizen Complaint Form and Information Sheet, choose from any of the following languages:

English Citizen Complaint Form

Spanish: Formulario de Queja Ciudadano Español

Arabic: نموذج شكوى مواطن إسباني

Chinese: 西班牙公民投诉表

Haitian: Fòm Plent Sitwayen Espayòl

Hindi: स्पेनिश नागरिक शिकायत प्रपत्र

Korean: 스페인 시민 불만 양식

Polish: Formularz skargi obywatela Hiszpanii

Portuguese: Formulário de reclamação do cidadão espanhol

Tagalog: Form ng Reklamo ng Mamamayang Espanyol

Vietnamese: Mẫu đơn khiếu nại của công dân Tây Ban Nha

The Citizen Complaint Form can be submitted in person at Keansburg Police Department, 331 Carr Avenue, Keansburg NJ or via email to












331 Carr Ave., Keansburg, New Jersey 07734
Phone: 732-787-0600
Drug Hotline: 732-495-1590

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